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The motion picture story manages Arjun a visionary who is exploring different avenues regarding his very own image of automaton. His folks Murali Krishna and Seetha Lakshmi are Good Samaritans, watching out for the evil and restoring lives. His mom is a specialist, and his dad is a mainstay of solidarity in his life. He lives with his folks and his sisters. Arjun becomes hopelessly enamored with a medicinal assistant Yoshika. Someplace, a government official who has quite recently dedicated an Rs. 3000 Cr trick needs to redirect the consideration of the individuals by designing serial's impacts. Nayak, a hoodlum with a mafia-type arrange, is handled by the lawmaker's men to plan the impacts. Upon the arrival of the impacts Arjun's folks disappear. He goes out looking for his folks But, can't follow their whereabouts much subsequent to looking through each niche and corner of the city. In the interim, an exceptional group from NIA is attempting to discover the guilty parties behind a progression of bomb impacts. The remainder of the story is about how Arjun learns reality with regards to his folks and what befalls them in their most recent couple of days.

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