Top 10 New south movie in Hindi 2019

New South movie in Hindi

South movies are increasing popularity day by day in India all the people love new South movie  they like to watch a new south movie 

on TV, YouTube and online and this South movie the industry is making so much money and they are beating the Bollywood movies also not in India South movies

 are also popular in foreign countries some examples  movies like Bahubali 2  who beat many Bollywood movies 

it was the movie who earn over 500 crores all over India. Movie was also dubbed in many languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and many foreign languages and 

because this movie the actor who acts in this movie that was Prabhas who become very popular all over the world.

So today in this blog I will show you Top 5 New south movie in Hindi 2019

New south movie in hindi
New south movie in hindi

south movie full Hindi 2019

I will also share a new South movie  I will share your release date, movie name from where you can see this movie,

 who was the director and film a budget? You all know that new South movie 2019 is getting very popular day by day new South movie is made in Telugu Tamil or any South language

 but they are not getting super hit but if there dubbed in Hindi  they get super hit fastly because people love to watch new South movie 2019 on TV YouTube online

 because new South movie script and movie story is awesome people love the story and watch the whole movie

 and all south movie actor is getting famous day by day, not in India but in a foreign country also people watch new South movie 2019|

Below is the list of new South movie in Hindi

New south movie in Hindi

1. Manam
Movie Name – Manam
Release Date – End of January 2019
Stream on – ZEE Cinema
Movie Budget – 28 Crores
Produced by--‎: ‎Akkineni Family

Movie Name – Intelligent
Release Date – End of January 2019
Stream on – YouTube
Movie Budget – 25 Crores
Produced By- c.kalyan

Movie Name – Be Happy Bindaas
Release Date – 18 January 2019
Stream on – YouTube        
Movie Budget – 7 Crores
Produced by- M.Chandrashekhar

4.Nela Ticket
Movie Name – Nela ticket
Release Date – 18 May 2019
Stream on – Goldmines Telefilms
Movie Budget – 21 Crores
Produced by-- Ram Talluri

5. Inspector Vijay(KAVACHAM)
Movie Name – Inspector Vijay
Release Date – 28 April 2019
Stream on – RK Duggal Studios
Movie Budget – 20 Crores

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